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Create a course beyond just lecturing your students, take it furthur by providing the support system for your students to succeed using your course!

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Create your course with your prepared video content, and sell your courses via your website (we help you create that automatically).

Get paid in 170+ countries

Our payments system, is built on top of Stripe & Paypal via helping us reach 170+ countries of accessible payments.

Support your students

Beyond just lecturing at your students, we provide a course chat, email & analytics features to help you build a support system for students.

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to create 📹

A great user experience is a key part of our platform, we invest a lot in the intuitiveness of our platform by following a step guided approach to every function, making it easy for you to do more.

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Onetime payments, upselling with subscriptions coming soon. We are ever updating our currently 170+ country payments systems. Partnering up with Paddle allows to to expand on a focused provider.

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Support students via course communities🥳

We are expanding the tools of support, our current suite has chat and email communication to help your students get the best out of your course. As we explore, solutions will come to help students.

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Jeff Harding

PSTEC Meditation Tutor

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