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Why was Learnir created & who created learnir

Why was learnir created?

Learnir helps experts in all fields to create courses for their students. Our suite of tools empower creators to share knowledge in video forms of medium for the world to learn something new.

Who created learnir?

Learnir was started out of a need to ensure that during the course creation process students were not left out. It's fairly easy to create courses these days. But with students, a course will not run after a course creator has finished up with his/her course. Learnir is ensuring there's a great experience in the creation and learning of courses. We spun out a script we used to sell in 2017 which allowed users to create courses. Whiles it was easy for our users to gain customers, it was hard retaining them for any new courses. Our platform aims to ensure every side of the equation enjoys the experience of teaching, learning and earning value from the hard work. We are spread wide in this aim because we want to welcome everyone in joining us shaping what it means to create a course. Change is very welcome in our culture, hence we are very open-minded about our customer's problems. I Henry Asante Cofounder & CTO of Learnir, writing this today as of 04/09/2020 is a person very passionate about solving problems. Cofounder & CEO John Delavera has been doing course creation for 20 years now. He is totally involved in bringing as many people to join us in shaping Learnir into the powerful platform we dream of. Learnir will now and always be for every course creator and student out there, join us today!

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