GDPR Compliance

Know where, how and where we use your data

General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is European Union legislation to strengthen and unify data protection laws for all individuals within the European Union. The regulation came into effect from May 25th, 2018. As people who value privacy, we are fully committed to being compliant with GDPR and all data protection best practices. This page lays out our commitment to data protection and makes transparent what data we store about our users.

Who we are

Our company, DELAVO NI Ltd (as opposed to Learnir, our product commercial name) has the address of: Park Avenue Apt. 507 12 Bankmore St., Belfast, BT7 1AQ Northern Ireland, UK


If you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to send us an email at

What data do we collect?

Our website is hosted by **[Netlify](** in the United States. On our website we use Google analytics & Heap to help us understand, in anonymized form, how the site is being used. When registering for our free plan, you need to provide us with a valid email address. We then confirm that the address works by emailing you a confirmation link. We need an email address so we can contact you regarding any changes to our service or, for example, to this privacy policy. We send the email to you via the email delivery service **[Sendgrid](** , which is operated by Twilio Inc. **[Twilio privacy policy.](** . As you may have noticed on our homepage, we use a chat widget to answer questions and talk to our users in real-time. This chat widget is powered by [Tidio]( Here is their [Privacy Policy]( In addition, once you sign up, we sometimes offer a demo email where you can provide us some information like name, where did you find about our service, the things you would want want to know from us, what solution are you currently using Learnir to solve. We ask these questions so we can help you get started using our service. In order to schedule those calls and store those information, we use **[Calendly](**. **[Calendly Privacy policy](** We sometimes ask our users some questions about upcoming features / APIs. We use **[Typeform](** to create the forms and collect the responses. **[Typeform privacy policy](** (made in typeform...!) For our newsletter / some transactional emails (i.e emails based on some behavior on the website) we use **[Mailerlite](**, a cloud-based email marketing software. The data we share with mailerlite is, of course user emails, name, and some data concerning the API usage, such as if the user is in free trial or a paying customer. You can find Mailerlite **[GDPR compliance notice here](**. Then we use **[Zapier](** to connect the data (like form responses) to other web services we use. Here is **[Zapier privacy policy](** Registering for a free trial requires acceptance of our publicly available **[terms & conditions**.](

On our APIs:

Our API servers are hosted with **[Heroku](** a US-based cloud provider operated by Salesforce Inc. **[Salesforce privacy policy](** . When you send us an API request we send you a response and then log the query. We use **[Datadog](**, operated by Datadog Inc, as a cloud-based log management solution. **[Datadog privacy policy](** We later analyze the logs to see how we can improve our service. We don't log the response content. All logs are deleted after fourteen days.

Customer/Financial transaction information:

If you become a paying customer (as opposed to just using our free trial) you will need to provide us and our payment partners (Paddle for the payment processing, Paddle for the invoicing and VAT) with valid billing information. We will be able to see your name, billing address, email address, and VAT number (if you have provided one). We are not able to see your credit card number, only Paddle has access to that. As any business, we of course share transaction data with our accountants and with the relevant tax authorities when we pay VAT and file our annual tax return. We also use Paddle for subscription analytics: understanding our growth, churn, and all kinds of financial metrics. Chartmorgul is directly connected to Stripe, so they have access to customer billing history. - [Paddle privacy policy](

Data Processing Agreement

Becoming a customer of our service implies acceptance of our the processing of your data to make this service a little better each and everyday unless otherwise explicitly agreed with us in writing.

Data deletion

Any user (paid or free-trial) can request to have their account deleted at any time, this can be done by contacting us at For paying customers we of course have to keep records of all completed transactions for tax purposes.

Stay informed

Meaningful changes to this document will be announced in our newsletter and our blog.